Kit Astrofotografia ASI 1600 Pro


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Kit Astrofotografia ASI 1600 Pro

ZWO ASI 1600MM PRO cooled Black/White CMOS camera
♦ Sensor diameter 21.9 mm
♦ 3.8 µm pixels
♦ DDR memory buffer 256mb prevents amp glow even with USB 2.0
♦ Powerful Peltier cooling down to 45 °C below environment

ZWO motorised filter wheel for 8x 1.25″ filters
♦ Accurate motorized filter exchange
♦ Only one cable to the camera necessary – no cable tangle
♦ High-quality CNC construction in aluminium housing

ZWO 1.25″ L-RGB filter set
♦ Optimally matched to the sensor of the ASI 1600 Mono
♦ UV/IR blocing filter for luminance and RGB for color
♦ Top-class multi-coated interference filters

ZWO 1.25″ narrow-band filter set H-alpha, S-II, O-III
♦ Optimally matched to ASI cameras
♦ Lines: H-alpha, [S II] and [O III]
♦ Top-class multi-coated interference filters